Aythya nyroca - rare winter visitor 

  Ferruginous duck is likely to turn up in the county every few years. Pochard or tufted hybrids can be difficult to separate from pure ferruginous ducks and so the thirty-odd records of the bird in the county possibly represents a larger total than the true value! The current county recorder is an acknowledged expert in the field and so recent records are certainly more reliable than earlier ones. The Birds of Berkshire says as much.
  This bird was first seen along the Jubilee river on December 12th 2005 which is considered a "good" time of year [migration from eastern Europe starts in October]  but it failed the gravel test ... a bird which comes to someone who throws gravel into the water is considered to be an escape! It has appeared a few times since then and shows signs of either genetic impurity or inbreeding [both indicative of captive birds] in the extent of black in the bill-tip. Compare it with these photos.
  Interestingly, while I was photographing it from behind the screens at Dorney it seemed quite jumpy. However, when I went to leave and so showed myself it swam towards me! The raft of four faithfully accompanying male tufties appeared shocked at its antics and quickly swam away.

  The first two [genuine] birds in this series were at Searles lane [Dec 2001] and Old Slade GPs [Nov 2002]
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