Podiceps auritus - Jan '07

Least common of the winter visiting podiceps, the Slavonian grebe can now be expected  annually in Berkshire - most commonly in January and in the east of the county. In the twenty years after the second world war "Slav grebes" were only recorded five times  but the building of QMR and the string of gravel pits along the M4 has made this smart grebe a realistic target for aspiring county listers


A few hundred winter in the UK and a trip down to Pagham (favourite trip destination of many Berks birders) between November & February would be a reasonable bet to see one of them. I understand the trip is worth it for the breakfast alone


A hike up to the lonely lochs near the Great Glen is generally necessary to see these birds in breeding plumage (60 pairs at last count)


This bird was found on January 23rd at Bray GP and spent its time diving for insect larvae in the shallow water a few feet off the southern edge of the sailing lake

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