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What's in a medicine?

The -OH group notes
Functional group quiz
Making aspirin slides

Spectroscopy booklet

WM activities


Engineering proteins

EP Activities


The Steel story

SS activities


Visiting industry

Virtual tour


Salters student pages
Specimen Papers & MS

Chemical animations

Past papers link


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Elements of life

Moles & calcs notes
Formulas example Q
The mole concept teaser

EL activities

Amount of subst notes

Model of atom notes

Structure and properties notes

Electronic configuration



Developing fuels

DF Activities




Salters student pages
Specimen Papers & MS

Chemical animations

Past papers link

  Latest news!
Science at work
Job questionnaire
Write letter
Science work place
Locate businesses
Science careers
Choose company
Research scientific
Plan interview
Careers magazine
Work place check list

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Some AS examples [right-click, Save target as on the links below]

Natural resources 1
Natural resources 2
Functional groups
Funct gp dominoes
Oxidation number dominoes
Acids, alcs & esters

If you include images in your own Tarsias, the images have to be kept with the Tarsia to work properly!

Herschel Grammar
OCR A2 notes

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