The best Y12 I've ever taught!

If you were one of the ones paying attention you'd've heard me say this more than once.  I'll never know if you'd've been the best Y13 - but I have taught some really great ones! 

Congratulations for those great AS results. Maybe not as good as I'd hoped for 3 or 4 of you but still a lot better than the other group! Have a look at the prediction sticker I gave you in February ... how'd I do? A2 predictions available on request!
For the most part it's been great teaching you ...

I'll especially miss 2ba 'n Shakra (both sooooooooo clever & Shakra best in year again with an A*),  Sonam 'n Zoomie (aka teeth & glasses plus their side-kick  "Miss Romantically-Attached"), Emily 'n Melanie (quiet but firm), Faraaz (funny guy ... NOT), Emma (too witty for the rest of us), Jo(anna) + her two boys, Peter (not sure why), Bally (always went too far!), Rupinder (it's a good job I didn't wear my glasses too often) and Remi (how much more sensible can you get?) ... oh, and of course my beloved Baylis girls, Paridhi, Samia & Aliyah - I can't imagine what a whole school of girls like you must be like ;o) + Inderdeep, Jon, Amish, SJnia, Puneet, Sarita, Nabeel

It's been a pleasure & I wish you the best of luck for all your different futures - see you at the Leaver's ball '08


Luv OB


Prashanta & Sana ... I hope I get the chance to teach you in another life

125CH Sept 2006 to July 2007