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Module 2 definitions

Basic concepts

Basic Supplement







Module 3 definitions

Enthalpy changes

Formation Xtras

Combustion Xtras

Bond enthalpy Xtras

Enthalpy "mock"

Reaction rates

Chemical equilibrium

OCR A2 revision notes (password is "zoomie")

Chemical animations

Past papers link


Crude oil & hydrocarbons
Oil and polymers pre-test
Oil and Polymers MC test
Oil and Polymers MC AS
The Atmosphere
Atmosphere pre-test
Atmosphere MC test
The Earth & tectonics

Earth & tectonics MC test

Doc Brown Mod 6 Quiz

Structures & bonding
Atomic structure Q1

Doc Brown Mod 8 Quiz

Thiosulfate investigation
Investigation checklist

Doc Brown Mod 7 Quiz

Past papers link

  Sample SAT questions

  Y7 Energy
Y7 Electricity

Y8 Rocks and weathering
Y8 Rock cycle

Y9 Reactions of metals
Y9 Reactivity series
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