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Your latest homework includes:

See the VLE for all further work!

You need to think about which "Individual Investigation" you want to do.
Look at this page and choose one of the suggestions. EMAIL me to make your decision. There can be only two students per suggested experiment and "good friends" cannot do the same one! First come first served. If the Open Evening helpers want to choose something different then they should email me too ... asap
You can, of course, decide to investigate anything you like. But I would guard against ones that will not produce enough reliable data ... the investigation has to work! Remember, it's called the "INDIVIDUAL investigation" for a reason. I am very limited as to the help I can give you once you've started. There is a bigger selection of suggestions
here as well as examples of other peoples' investigation write-ups
I hope to spend the last two weeks in November doing the investigation - that's every lesson as well as Wednesday 3-4:30 and some early/late starts. It's supposed to be 15-20 hours of lab time. Then deadlines for the written work will be:
1. Complete, neat results on the Monday after you've finished the experiments (I'll be collecting in data after each session so this is not a big task)
2. The Planning section with theory, method etc on the first day of the Spring term (you should be able to do most of it before the Xmas holidays)
3. The Analysis & Evaluation by the first day after the Spring half-term

AND ... there is no such thing as "draft" versions. OCR does not allow drafts & re-submissions for A2 Chemistry(B). I will, however, give you detailed guidance on how to write-up each section before hand as well as "question/answer" sessions in "Student support" time in the week before a deadline

Remember: It's worth as much as all of Unit 4 ie What's in a medicine PLUS Designer Polymers PLUS Engineering Proteins PLUS Steel Story - that's about FOUR MONTHS OF LESSONS

UpDated Oct 20th

Work for Friday and for half-term is:
Chemical Ideas p153 Qs 1-8
Chemical Ideas p238 Qs 1-5
Read the relevant chapter if you are having problems
Non-completion of homework will mean you having extra support on the first Wednesday back 3:00-4:30!

UpDated Oct 18th

Revise for the end of topic test on Thursday 18th October 2007. If you get less than 70% you will have to resit it. Anyone getting less than 50% will be put on "Special measures" - this will mean extra work and sessions from 3:00 to 4:00 on Wednesdays

UpDated Oct 17th

Read Chemical Ideas 10.3 and do all the exercises from the end of chapter questions by Thursday 18th October 2007

UpDated Oct 16th

Read EP6 in Storylines. Read the activities EP6.3 & EP6.4. They take a lot of reading so allow an hour each [it may help you if you make notes as you do so]. Don't read it once quickly and say "I don't get it".

UpDated Oct 12th

Make sure you have some knowledgeable opinions for the "Genetic engineering" debate on Thursday. We are coming to the end of this topic. Look at the AS work you did on intermolecular bonding. It's enzymes and rates next week and the END OF TOPIC TEST on Thursday, October 18th - a twenty-five minute "mock exam" (25 marks) and will count 40% towards your Xmas grading (and, therefore, the quality of your Xmas presents)

UpDated Oct 10th

Write a clear explanation of how to carry out paper chromatography to show a mixture consisted of two amino acids - 8 lines for 5 marks

UpDated Oct 3rd

Revise for test [questions from the sheet I gave you today] ... sadly I am not able to put the answers to all the questions as it would eat up all my remaining bandwidth. You can, however, get them from the chemistry area of the "S drive" at school college. So take a memory stick & copy over the Unit 4 mark schemes

UpDated Sept 26th

Have all the Mass spec questions done in this series

Looking ahead ...
End of topic test [WM] will be on Friday, 28th September

UpDated Sept 25th

Have all the RAM calculations done. Tomorrow's lesson starts at 13:30 so be on time ... We're going to look Mass spec [I'm going to complete TLC when we meet it in the EP topic]. The notice board outside Room 416 is worth looking at too ...
You can now get all the activity sheets from the Chemy page - the link is "WM activities" and don't forget to "right-click and "save target as..."

UpDated Sept 20th

Try to make sense of the mass spec questions - do the RAM calculations but also see if you can do some of the others too. Tomorrow's lesson starts at 13:30 so be on time  ... apparently I can keep you after 15:00 on Wednesdays ...

UpDated Sept 18th

Have a look at this slide show of past paper questions. If you print it out please shrink it a bit - don't waste paper! Have at least one question ready to answer on Tuesday.

UpDated Sept 17th
Download and read these notes on the -OH group (hydroxyl lol)
Try this exercise in revising the functional groups (you may have to guess a couple)

Hint:  right-click and "save target as..." any blue words (they are links)

UpDated Sept 15th



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