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See the VLE for all further work!

C & D - your latest homework includes:

Work for Friday and for half-term is:
Chemical Ideas p62 Qs 1-5
Chemical Ideas p66 Qs 1-6
Read the relevant chapter if you are having problems
Non-completion of homework will mean you having extra support on the first Wednesday back 3:00-4:30!

UpDated Oct 18th

Read DF2 from Storylines, p20-22; then do Assignment 1 (p20) & Assignments 2 (p22) by Thursday 18th October 2007
"Special measures" students must keep up with their extra homework too!

UpDated Oct 16th

Read DF1 from Storylines. Anyone with less than 70% in the test will have to do it again next week ... be prepared

UpDated Oct 12th

Big news is the END OF TOPIC TEST on Friday 12th - make sure you THOROUGHLY know the coloured notes I made for you. It'll be on everything we've done this term. Less than 70% means a resit, less that 40% get you put on "Special measures"
Read EL5 (in Storylines) and prepare to do Activity EL5 on Thursday

UpDated Oct 10th

A massive thanks to those of you who helped at Open Evening
 ... especially Rachael

UpDated Oct 9th 

Read EL4 (in Storylines) and prepare to do Activity EL 4.3 on Thursday

UpDated Oct 2nd

This week's experiment is EL 3.1 - make sure you've read it & know what's going on. You'll be carrying it out on Friday this week because of "Mentoring day" taking up all day Thursday ...
There'll be a "pop quiz" on using data from the mass spectrometer and calculating RAM

UpDated Sept 24th

There'll be a "pop quiz" on the mass spectrometer next lesson
Complete all the questions we did in class from this and read about the mass spectrometer in Chemical Ideas p 17

UpDated Sept 21st

Bring in the results of the titration. Read the Activity sheet, EL 3.1. You should already have this but you can get it and all the other activity sheets from the Chemy page - the link is "EL activities" and don't forget to "right-click and "save target as..."
There'll also be a "pop quiz" on empirical formula & RAM next lesson

UpDated Sept 20th

Make sure you've got answers to all the questions we did in class.

UpDated Sept 18th

Prepare for the titration of iron practical by reading the Exptal sheet a few times - this will now be on Thursday! [assume that we'll always do an experiment on Thursdays]

Looking ahead ... look at these and try to do them. If you want to print them out please print 2 or 4 sides to a page (don't waste paper!). Really keen people can try these too

Many Happy Returns, Alex [the cake Josh didn't make you]

UpDated Sept 17th

Download and carefully read these notes then try this enjoyable little calculation
Hint:  right-click and "save target as..." any blue words (they are links)

UpDated Sept 15th



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