Easy Cycling Bets For Beginners

Cycling can be a great sport for betting. From the persistent athletes to an abundance of material for research, cycling can be one of the easiest sports for a person to start betting on. Below we will look into some of the more frequently used bets and explain them to help you start betting on cycling.

Types Of Bets

It is no secret that the betting world can be complicated. There are some bets that can be extremely daunting and confusing to beginners, Below we will be avoiding the complex and go over some of the simpler and easier bets to help you start making money as a bettor.

  • Winner – the most popular of all cycling bets is betting on who you think will win the race/stage
  • Top 3Cycling races generally have a large number of competitors. Even if you are positive that your chosen rider will do very well, it can be a long shot to assume a win every time. This is where top 3 bets come in, a simple bet in which you wager that your chosen rider will finish in the top 3.
  • Top 10 – similar to top 3, only the racing is closer than ever before. A great bet to make if you believe there are more than 3 extremely strong riders, this will however result in less payoff if you are correct.
  • Matchup bets – a simple bet in which you directly compare two riders. You are only betting which of these riders will finish ahead of the other, their overall place does not affect your bet at all. It is worth noting that the odds on these bets car vary greatly depending on the riders involved.
  • Winning team – similar to the outright winner, in this bet you will wager on which team with amass the most points throughout the race. Teams generally consist of eight riders (depending on the race) so this type of betting would constitute more research. The research however will likely be more reliable, unlike in overall winner, if one rider has a difficult time, the team still stands a chance at a win.
  • King of the mountain – in this bet you will place a wager on who will receive the King of the Mountains award at the end of the race, while more common in the Tour de France, this award exists in many forms of racing. This award will be given to the rider deemed to be the best climber in the race. Research will play a great roll in this bet as some riders excel more in climbing than others.
  • Race stats – this is a bit more complex, but worth knowing for anybody considering betting on cycle racing. Race stats can be any statistics relating to the race, usually self-explanatory in the bet itself, this is a worthy secondary bet if only one bet isn’t generally enough.

As in all Australian betting, Research is vital to secure a win. Learn the types of bets and start wagering to win!