A Comprehensive Guide to Playing Online Tequila Poker

This great poker game variation is now increasingly available, and is gathering new fans from all around the world every day. Online tequila poker is not only very easy to learn, but great fun to play, too, and you can start enjoying by means of any number of devices today! Choose to log in from your laptop or desktop computer, or make your way to the win on your smartphone or tablet device, the choice is up to you. You no longer have to wait a single second in order to play, and can start having fun from anywhere you can find a steady internet connection!

An Easy Game to Play

If you have a basic knowledge of the rules of poker you will find online tequila poker a breeze to learn how to play, but if you need to start from scratch there are many free and demo versions of the game available for you to start the process at no risk to your bank account. Make use of these complimentary games to make sure you know exactly what is going on before any real money bets are made, and make your way to the win in perfect confidence when you are sure you know what is going on.

The Rules of Tequila Poker

Your game of online tequila poker begins with an ante bet, after which four cards are dealt, face up. At this part of the proceedings you can choose to fold your hand, forfeiting your ante bet and ending the game, or make a selection to continue the game in tequila poker or high tequila mode. A second bet which matches the amount made on the ante will then be dealt, and two extra cards will be handed to you.

The highest poker hand combination will automatically arrange itself, and you will need at least a pair of aces in order to continue the online tequila poker game. If you have managed to garner a hand that fits this criteria your ante bet will pay out at even money stakes, and your second bet will win according to the payout table found on screen.

Blackjack values are assigned to the cards in online tequila poker, with the ace at 11 points. The value of your hand will be calculated automatically, and you will need to have a score of over 46 points in order to avoid forfeiting your bets.

Fun, Rewarding Online Poker Games

Poker fans will be overjoyed at this great variation, and it is also a fun, easy game for those uninitiated in the joys of poker to learn. Thanks to how quick-paced and basic the rules and strategy are, you can safely enjoy it whenever you have a spare moment, and do not need to devote hours of play to the game in order to make your winnings. Start having fun with gambling on the go options, and take the entertainment with you when you explore all your online tequila poker choices today.