Gaming Standards Association

If you are a fan of online casino and slot games, you have probably thought about playing online for real money. There are many benefits associated with gambling online. For starters, players can log on any time day or night and play their favourite games without having to leave the house.

For many first time players though, there are concerns about how secure and accurate the gaming systems are. How do players know that the online casino is providing accurate information and their slot machines are producing fair and accurate results? One sure-fire way to tell if your chosen online casino is above board is to check if they are a member of the Gaming Standards Association.

What Is The GSA?

For those who are new to online gambling and the world of online casinos, the Gaming Standards Association (GSA) is an international trade association that benefits gaming manufacturers, operators, regulators and suppliers. They facilitate the definition, development, identification ,promotion and implementation of standards to enable interoperability, education, innovation and communication for the benefit of the whole industry. What that means for players is that any casino that is GSA certified has to conform to their strict gaming standards for accuracy and fair gaming.

GSA Certification

When it comes to GSA certification, many of the biggest names in the online casino business proudly display their certification credentials. Companies like Playtech, IGT (International Gaming Technology), Aristocrat gaming and Scientific Games are all Gaming Standards Association certified. The certificate that accompanies a GSA Certified product benefits the product’s manufacturer as much as it does the product’s operator, and goes beyond simple acknowledgement of a correct implementation of the GSA standard. The certificate signifies the strength of the community of support behind the product and its interoperability with other GSA Certified products that extends well beyond the date of certification.

What Does This Mean For Players?

Players who sign up with an online casino that is a member of the Gaming Standards Association and is fully GSA certified will never have to worry about inaccurate payouts and bogus results. The test conducted by the GSA ensures that all the casino systems and games work accurately by testing the casino software and games with stringent controlled Lab tests. The testing laboratories that participate in the GSA product certification program perform testing of the products to ensure they have correctly implemented GSA standards. GSA issues product certifications that are ased on laboratory testing results

Benefit to the Casino Industry

A certification from the Gaming Standards Association is a major draw card for any online casino. Establishments that are GSA compliant are more likely to attract new members than those who rely on their own testing equipment. If a player signs up with an online casino that is not a member of the GSA, they would question exactly how are the gaming results produced and are the results being audited by independent auditing companies? The GSA operates with integrity, fairness and transparency. They believe that standards they create benefit the casino industry because they provide speed to market, innovation, value and extended useful life on all the casino products.