Growth of Online Casinos Mentioned for You

Betting at casinos has been a favourite pastime for millions of people across the world for the last 100 years, and the creation of entire cities devoted to it, such as Las Vegas, shows just how much people enjoy it. One of the biggest problems with land-based casinos was often the distance and how much they cost for people to enjoy, and most of the population was not able to partake in any casino games. This all changed with the creation of the Internet, where the online casino quickly rose to the most popular venue for all those looking to play their favourite casino game.

Today, there are thousands of different online casinos available across the globe, ranging from small, niche websites that offer a specific game, to massive sites that provide hundreds of games in every genre. Dubai has become one of the many cities from around that world that has taken a huge interest in the online casino industry, and there are countless websites that offer their services for Dubai players, with full customer and currency support.

Online Casino History

While the online casino industry did not start really expanding until the late 1990s, it is generally accepted that it first started in 1994. After the Internet began to expand, the Caribbean passed laws that allowed websites to apply for special casino licences. Some software developers quickly began creating new games for players to enjoy online, with Microgaming cited as the very first developer to do this in 1994. Online financial companies soon followed, developing encryption methods that allowed players to transfer funds online safely.

From there, the online casino industry exploded as more and more players saw the new opportunities these sites were providing. More licences were offered from different jurisdictions, along with the creation of regulatory agencies aimed to keep casinos in check.

The Modern Online Casino

As of 2017, the online casino market has never been bigger. There are now websites from across the entire world that offers thousands of quality casino games, safe banking methods, and full customer support to their players. Our Dubai players looking to join up with a new, modern casino website can do so easily and quickly, with the signing up method never taking more than a few minutes. After creating an account with an online casino, players can then often play games for free, or can freely deposit and withdraw money into the account as they see fit.

Many online casinos will also offer welcome bonuses to new players, offering them special rewards that come with starting a brand new account. These can come in many forms, but usually involve giving the players an incentive to stay with the casino on a long-term basis with rewards such as cash payout bonuses, free spins for games, and match bonuses.

Online Casino in Conclusion

This is an unprecedented time for online casino players, as there is more choice available than ever before. Countless games spread across multiple professional casino websites means players will never have to leave the house to play their favourite game.