Lady of Egypt Slot by WMS Gaming Reviewed

Most of the slots that we see today have a pretty standard reel layout, with three to five reels usually and a number of paylines. Williams Interactive Gaming have come up with a whole new way of playing the reels. Enter the Speed Spins family of slots. These slots have in essence three sets of reels, each one becoming active once you have filled certain criteria of the one before. Lady of Egypt is one such title in the Speed Spins family.

Speed Spins Layout

In total there are ten reels in a Speed Spins game. You play with three reels at a time, and progress onto the next ones when you receive free spins. The very last reel is a jackpot reel which takes a while to get to, and doesn’t always happen at Each set of three reels comes with a multiplier, beginning with 1x and going up to 5x for the third set of three. To progress to each new set of reels you have to get at least one full reel of a certain symbol.

Lady of Egypt Graphics

Lady of Egypt is a visually a very beautiful slot. This is new title that has been released late in 2015, so the graphics reflect the modern times and design. All graphics in the game are 3D and very crisply drawn. There is a lot of animation, not only with the symbols but with the sinning reels, the active reels and the jackpot wins. The overall feel is one of a rich desert, with lots of gold and brown. Lady of Egypt is a classy looking slot, and it unique layout will draw the eye from a mile away. The soundtrack is a rather typical one from a slot, with lots of exciting noises when you hit a win, but no actual music.

The symbols in Lady of Egypt are all typically Egyptian. The base symbols are slightly disappointingly taken from a deck of cards and look very normal. The lady herself makes her presence felt on the reels, she could be anyone from Cleopatra to a random Egyptian noble. The Ankh, which is the Egyptian symbol of eternal life is present and designed with lots of gold and jewels as if it were a piece of jewellery. The crossed sceptres of the Egyptian Pharaohs team up with the Ankh to award players with free spins and a chance to progress to the next set of reels. Gods such as Bast and Anubis are depicted as statues. The wild symbol replaces all other symbols and is easily recognisable by the word Wild written on it.

Where to Play Lady of Egypt

Unlike real money slots Canada, Lady of Egypt is currently only available in brick and mortar casinos, and only very few ones at that. Mostly the big super casinos in places such as Atlantic City or Las Vegas in the USA will begin to stock the Speed Spins series. There is very little chance of being able to find these games in your local venue down the road as yet.