The Inside Scoop on Using Live Odds Screens

With several great live odds software options now available, they’ve become a resource that every bettor should use to increase their understanding of different betting markets. Let’s take a closer look at how to use them.

Corporate vs Utility Screens

The 2 basic types of odds screens are caked corporate and utility. A corporate screen is otherwise known as an odds comparison website, and its name really describes exactly what it is. A lot of information is displayed on a single page, so you can see every price set by every bookmaker.

Browser-based corporate odds screen software is free of charge, and earn their revenue via affiliate links. Utility screen software, on the other hand, is downloaded and installed on desktops, tablets and smartphones, and comes at a cost to the bettor.

However, the extra expense means regular updates and access to all the latest odds with no delay. Customising utility odds screens, in a variety of ways, is also possible. Think carefully about which type of screen will best suit your needs, before you start using them.

Select and Manage Your Books

Once you’ve decided whether to go with a corporate or utility live odds screen, it’s time to start setting up the screen so that you can use it to learn information on different events. Firstly, select the sportsbooks that you want to see, and arrange them in order of lowest to highest average margins. Choose bookies whose judgement you trust, as well as those who routinely offer excellent prices.

Now you can track the movement of the margins, giving you an idea of which sportsbooks are actually controlling the markets on Tennis, Soccer or any other events. You’ll also be able to make deductions about popular opinions on who will win a match or race on Aussie sports betting sites. Operators with lower margins tend to cater more to professional bettors, so a good rule of thumb is to pay closer attention to their odds moves, than to the moves at sites with higher margins.

Use Timestamps

No matter how much you’d like to, sitting in front of your live odds screen all day, every day, is just not possible. When you have to be away from your device, timestamps can help you stay up to date on all the action.

Any odds screen that you use, whether corporate or utility, will have timestamp histories documenting the movements of their odds. This is a great way to see how odds have been changing, and in particular how fast they’ve been moving, in your absence. The more bookies that have short times between odd adjustments, the more influential the move will be overall.

Practice Makes Perfect

As you make use of live odds screens more over time, you’ll be able to interpret them to understand how the markets are moving, and which sportsbooks are most influential. When you combine these insights with your knowledge of player performance, injury reports, world rankings, and all the other information that you find, you’ll be able to place bets that are really astute.