Advanced Basketball Bet Types Explained

If you’ve been placing Basketball bets for a while, chances are you’re feeling ready for a new betting challenge. Luckily, you’re in exactly the right place. Read on to learn more about the advanced Basketball bets that are available, before trying your hand at them yourself.


A Futures bet is placed at the start of the Basketball season, and predicts who will win a championship or conference at a future point in time. Generally, the earlier you place Futures, the more the odds will be in your favour. If you have a lot of information suggesting the Lakers will win the next NBA playoffs, for instance, you might want to put money on that prediction as early as April.

Half and Quarter Bets

Half and Quarter Bets are wagers on the results after half, or a quarter, of the game. These can be very different to the outcomes after the total 48 minutes, especially if a team tends to peak either early or late and do betting in the first or final quarter. They allow you to put your knowledge of individual teams’ playing habits to good use.


Propositions, often simply called Props, are predictions of specific events within a match, and are outside of the usual variables such as who will win, or the final total score. They include bets on who will land the first basket in a match, how many points a player will score over the entire season, or even whether 2 rival players will get into a skirmish on the court. You need to know the game of Basketball, as well as whoever is playing, inside out to be successful here and the odds are very steep. But if you’ve got that level of insight, the payouts can be equally lucrative just as bets placed on election betting online.


Also known as Accumulators or Parlays, Multiples involve placing several wagers on the same  betslip. These could be Totals, Point Spreads, Propositions, Half and Quarter or any other type of stake. You’ll be paid out more than if you’d placed the same bets on individual slips, because the returns are multiplied together. However, as always, greater reward means greater risk and you can only win a Multiple if you win every single punt on your betslip.

For instance, if the LA Lakers, Miami Heat and the Phoenix Suns were playing in different games, with odds to win of 1.952, 1.198 and 6.730 respectively, you could get a $157.47 payout (stake included) on your Multiple – but only if each team is victorious. The more bets you add, the bigger your payday and the smaller your chances of the across-the-board wins that you need.


Teasers are a kind of subcategory of Multiples, and a variation on Point Spreads. Essentially, the odds are fixed at the same level for all Basketball bets on your slip, but you get to move the line – or tease it, if you will – to a position that is more favourable to you. As you can imagine, this brings an extra level of engagement to your betting.