Casino Games With the Lowest House Edge

Not all casino games were created equal!

And the biggest difference is how likely you are to receive a payout. Knowing what the house’s edge is before you put money down is vital and will ensure that you’re playing all your wits about you.

Video Poker,  0.5% to 5%

Rumour has it that Video Poker may bring the house edge down to 0%, but this is untrue, as gossip generally is. It’s a game of skill, however, and, if you stick to the simpler versions like Deuces Wild and Jacks or Better, it can be an incredibly rewarding one, too, with all the instant gratification of a good slot.

Craps, Between 1.4% and 5%

Besides being one of the most thrilling games, Craps also has an incredibly low house edge, depending on which bets you’re placing. The Don’t Pass and Don’t Come wagers bring it down to roughly 1.4%, so these are a great place for newcomers to start and wonderful for more experienced bettors to fall back on.

Blackjack, 1.5%

The cards, or how many there are, are the decider when it comes to 21. Limit yourself to playing online Blackjack games and your chances of winning will go through the roof.

Throw in a little Basic Blackjack Strategy and the right bankroll management and your prospects of walking away with some of the casino’s money in your pocket are vastly improved!

Baccarat, 1.5%

If you don’t feel like spinning slot machine reels but are still interested in enjoying a no-frills, no-fuss game, then Baccarat is your best bet.

There are three possible outcomes here, the Player’s hand winning, the Banker’s coming out on top, or a Tie occurring, and even though the names may indicate that you and the house have a say, you don’t. They are governed by strict rules you don’t even need to know since all the game’s action is governed automatically. So you just have to try and guess which hand will have a total closer to 9 than the others.

An insider’s tip: bet on the Banker’s hand as often as you can. The reason players have to pay a 5% commission to the house if they place this wager and it wins is because it’s statistically more likely to happen. Its house edge here is 1.06%, and for the Player’s hand, it’s much higher, at 1.24%.

Three-Card Poker, 1.5%

The speed at which Three-Card Poker unfolds makes it a popular choice with players, but it also has the low house edge of 1.5% to recommend it. King High qualifies the dealer, but basic Poker strategy also applies, so if you know the difference between Raising, Calling, and Folding, you’ll be able to enjoy this variant!

Slots, 2% to 10%

Slots are the undisputed first choice for players the world over and this means that developers are outdoing themselves to come up with innovative ways to get us to engage. This means that we get to enjoy thrilling added features like Free Spins, Interactive Bonus Rounds, and Progressive Jackpot prizes, all of which reduce the house edge.