Introduction To Video Poker Strategy

When some players hear or read the word ‘strategy’, they want to head for the hills because their first thoughts are that they will have to spend hours learning complicated theorems. If that sounds like you, resist the urge to flee – online Video Poker strategy can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be.

Below are a few examples of different types of strategies that you can incorporate into your gaming sessions. They may even inspire you to find suggestions, hints, and tips for your favourite version of the popular online casino game genre.

Be Aware Of The House Edge

One of the most basic strategies you can use before you even play your first Video Poker hand is to find games with the lowest house edge. The house edge is a theoretical indication of the casino’s chances of winning, so the higher the edge, the more the house will win.

Conversely, the higher the game’s Return To Player percentage or RTP, the more likely you are to win – in theory, anyway.

Get To Know The Pay Table

Another simple pre-game strategy is to familiarise yourself with your preferred Video Poker’s pay table. When you know which hands are winning hands in the game, you can make better decisions regarding the cards you hold or draw, as well as the size of the bets you place.

For example, a pair of Jacks is not going to be of much help in games that start paying for 3 of a kind.

Find Out About Special Features

Some Video Poker online casino games incorporate special features. Usually, those features take the form of bonus payouts for certain hands or for hands that include certain cards.

Many titles also offer particularly sumptuous payouts for a royal flush, and some even include Wild cards and Multipliers. It is important that you understand how different features work, because they can make a big difference to the overall experience.

Manage Bankroll And Betting

Bankroll management is usually thought of simply in terms of setting a budget for your gaming sessions. For many players, that means setting limits on the amount of money they bet, as well as deciding how much they are prepared to lose, as well as deciding how much they hope to win.

It is also important to include your actual betting in your bankroll management. Players at betting sites in Australia are often encouraged to bet the maximum amount in the hope of maximising their winnings. However, placing a max bet in every game or round is the quickest way to play through your bankroll.

Use Strategy Charts

There are plenty of Video Poker strategy charts available online. When you have found one for your favourite variant, you can use the chart during your practise sessions or your real money games at home.

Charts indicate the different types of hands you could be dealt in that particular game. Similarly to hey can be especially valuable when it comes to deciding whether to play the hand you were dealt or to hold some cards and discard others.