Understanding Edge Sorting

Back in 2012, edge sorting became the latest buzzword on the world’s lips when Poker star Phil Ivey was embroiled in a lawsuit due to the controversial practice. At the time, Ivey admitted that he had used the edge sorting technique while playing casino games at the Crockfords Casino in London. What followed was an intense lawsuit in which Ivey battled to claim back the $12 million he had won.

Edge sorting had been around for a long time before then, but Ivey’s case brought the technique into the spotlight for the first time. Nowadays, it is known as one of the most popular methods that casino players use to gain an advantage over their casinos – but be warned, it is very much frowned upon by the establishments! Here is everything you need to know about edge sorting.

What Is Edge Sorting?

In simple terms, edge sorting is a technique that players can use to keep track of the playing cards used in a gambling game. Keeping track of the cards allows them to gain an advantage when it comes to winning. Edge sorting is done by spotting irregularities in the imagery and cut patterns printed on the back of each card. Obviously, this technique cannot be used at online casinos!

In Phil Ivey’s case, he used a number of techniques to help gain an edge over the house. He asked the casino to use the same deck of cards as they used on the very first night of his visiting and requested that they use an automatic shuffler. He also insisted that the dealer turn specific cards around by 80-degrees before adding them back into the deck.

How Does It Work?

Take a close look at the printing on the back of a playing card. You may notice that the diamond pattern along the one side of it is full, while the other side’s pattern is cut off and only displays half-diamonds.

When using the edge sorting technique, players will take extra time to spot the patterns on the right and left-hand sides of the cards. They will notice how asymmetrical they are, and then try to align the cards in such a way that all important cards have their full diamond sides aligned along a single edge. Unimportant cards, on the other hand, will be aligned along the half diamonds. the game is as exciting as to play online blackjack games

Essential Factors in Play

The first thing to consider when trying to ensure that edge sorting is successful is to ascertain whether or not the asymmetry on the backs of your playing cards is obvious and clearly visible. There are numerous factors involved, but it’s important to note that edge sorting will only work if one or more of the cards used in a game have been seen before it starts, or if a standard procedure is in place for shuffling and playing the cards. The positions of the edges cannot be disturbed in any way either, and shuffling must be done in order. Remember, this technique can get you into a lot of trouble, so we don’t recommend trying it out in real life!