Learning About 3 Reel Slots

Have you ever wondered why some slots have 5 reels and others only have 3? 3 reel slots are a casino classic, and just like 5 reel video slots, they have a unique set of features and benefits for their players. Also called ‘fruities’ as a nod to the fruit slot machines of the past, 3 reel slots are the predecessors to our modern slot games!

How They Work

In essence, 3 reel slots are a simpler version of modern 5 reel slots. When slot machines were first introduced to the market in the early 1900s, they offered only 3 reels and a single payline. The wheels spun in the same way you are familiar with, and any symbols that lined up directly across the payline constitute a win.

Today, you can get 3 reel slots both on land and online, and they work in much the same way. A 3 reel slot simply has 3 spinning wheels, a simpler range of symbols, and fewer paylines than larger video slots. There are normally between 1 and 5 paylines present in a 3 reel game, either in a horizontal, inverted V, or zig-zag pattern across the screen.

3 reels online slots in Canada also tend to keep things simple when it comes to graphics, sounds and animations. Some of today’s video slots seem more like video games with their realistic graphics, sounds and characters. They can be busy and feature-packed. Those who appreciate a simpler gaming experience would probably prefer 3 reel games!

The Benefits of 3 Reel Slots

There are many benefits to playing 3 reel slots online and on land. Firstly, they tend to be much simpler than their more modern counterparts, offering very basic bonus features and only a few symbols. This makes them perfect for players who are new to the world of slots, or for those who want to experience nostalgic fun that reminds them of the slot machines of the 80s.

Fewer paylines and symbols also means a bigger chance of triggering the slot’s jackpot. You will only need to land 3 matching symbols to win the largest prize, not 5, which can make for an exciting pay-day. 3 reel slots also come in a variety of exciting themes, so you won’t miss out when it comes to entertainment. Many are even optimised for mobile devices.

How to Play Them Online

Playing 3 reel slots online is easy. You will start by selecting your game and checking that its RTP suits your needs. These slots tend to have fixed paylines, so you won’t need to worry about adjusting them, although you can change your bet.

Once you have selected a bet, press the ‘Spin’ button. The 3 reels will spin and stop, and if you’re lucky, they will line up a winning combination of matching symbols. If you wager on more than 1 line and land winning combinations on them all, you will get paid across all of those lines. Your winnings will automatically reflect in your casino account, and you can cash out whenever you like. It’s as simple as that!